Twitter Clients for Android

Since Tweetdeck is going to stop working in a couple of days I’ve decided to install virtually all of the Twitter clients on the Google Play market place and eliminate them one by one until I’ve got a client which matches all my requirements.


  • Customisation of font size and theme colours (I want a dark background and small fonts)
  • Custom columns i.e. not just Twitter stream, mentions & Direct Messages (I want to be able to have #SQLHELP as a first class column)
  • Ability to filter tweets based on keywords and source twitter client (Helps to filter out noise about whatever type of sportball people like to whitter on about, anything from and also filter out automated spam like


I’m currently using Plume has it was the first client which met my requirements but I want to make sure that their isn’t another client out there with a killer feature that I’ve not seen.  Another client I like the look of is TweetLines and for which I’m close to paying the price for the premium features to see how it faces off against Plume.

On the PC I’m using MetroTwit Beta as my TweetDeck 0.38.2 replacement, as after going through the customisation options I got it setup the same as I had TweetDeck.

Applications in order of rejection

1) HashTweet

Looked interesting but I wasn’t able to scroll through the list of tweets, this is a fatal bug so I’m crossing this one off the list first.  It’s unique feature of analysing your twitter feed for different Hash Tags might of been useful, I guess I need to request this as a feature from the twitter client selected.

2) Stream Life

Combines Twitter, Facebook, Telephone calls and SMS into one stream or split out individually.  It doesn’t support Twitter searches or any real customisation of the interface so this one is out as well.

3) Echofon

Has the dark theme and font customisations I wanted but doesn’t support adding custom columns.  It’s support for conversation threads is also poor requiring two presses to see the previous messages even though the screen in the middle has plenty of empty space to show the rest of the thread.